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What Is Nominal Interest Rate?

Nominal interest rate refers to the interest rate before taking inflation into account. Nominal can also refer to the advertised or stated interest rate on a loan, without taking into account any fees or compounding of interest.

Short-Term Debt

Short-term debt, also called current liabilities, is a firm's financial obligations that are expected to be paid off within a year. It is listed under the current liabilities portion of the total liabilities section of a company's balance sheet.

Long-Term Debt

Long-term debt is debt that matures in more than one year. Long-term debt can be viewed from two perspectives: financial statement reporting by the issuer and financial investing. In financial statement reporting, companies must record long-term debt issuance and all of its associated payment obligations on its financial statements. On the flip side, investing in long-term debt includes putting money into debt investments with maturities of more than one year.

Will Bitcoin Rise Again?

Bitcoin Struggles to Recover, Stays Below $30,000. Here’s What Investors Should Make of It

Bitcoin Prices Plunge as Stock Market Selloff Spreads to Cryptocurrencies.

The price of Bitcoin BTCUSD +1.27% , Ether, and other cryptocurrencies slumped on Thursday, reversing a recent rally as a deep selloff in the stock market spread to digital assets..

How to write a business plan?

The time you put into writing a business plan may be your first investment, but certainly not your least. Writing a business plan is not mandatory, but it is very important. What is a business plan? Why do you need one? And what should you include? The article helps you with the 3 most important steps you need to follow.

How to Start a Business From Scratch

Start a Business in 7 Easy Steps

Global Economic Resurgence of Economy After COVID-19 Crisis

Despite the lapse driven by the Delta variant’s introduction in 2021, the global economy was yet on the path to increase by 5.1 per cent in 2021, and 2022 will almost certainly be another year of above-potential recovery growth. In the forthcoming decade, the direct impediments to the global economy will be a continued trend toward deglobalisation and more than anticipated inflation. Global growth will be challenged and aided by the decarbonisation of economies in response to climate change. The lessons learned about resilience in the face of disruption learned during the epidemic will become increasingly essential in the decade ahead.

Difference Between Traditional Finance and Behavioural Finance

Investing in anything like properties or gold is a bold and risky move. But what most people do not know is that the choice to take a position in those stocks is influenced by traditional and behavioural finance.

What is Digital Business?

It is one of the most frequently asked questions on the internet. Digitalization means transforming any business into a digital business using digital technologies. The main purpose of digitalization is to generate higher revenue and create new value-added opportunities. At present, many companies are in the process of digitization. Top businesses have already done this technique and are very successful in economic, financial, and customer satisfaction.

How to Build a Successful Digital Business

With so many benefits to starting a digital business, you might be wondering: how do I get started?

VAT vs. Sales Tax: 4 Differences Between VAT and Sales Tax

Sales tax and value-added tax are two different methods of tax collection for inside and outside the United States, respectively.

10 Essential Marketing Tips for Any Business

As your small business ramps up its marketing efforts in a bid to earn new customers, it helps to have a clear strategy guiding your marketing campaigns. Use these marketing tips and tactics to reach your target audience and win over potential customers.

Best Books for Starting a Business

If you've recently embarked on the journey of starting your own business or are contemplating entrepreneurship, you might find yourself overwhelmed by the extensive to-do list. You're in need of an HR framework, a marketing strategy, a plan to boost employee morale, and, naturally, a winning strategy to outshine your competitors.

Common Errors New Startup Founders Make And How To Overcome Them

Starting a startup is a challenging endeavor. It's a fact that 90% of startups fail, with 10% of them not even surviving their first year. As a startup founder, you're likely well aware of these statistics, and yet, you're forging ahead with determination. Congratulations! I did the same thing six years ago, and now, having successfully sold my company, I've gained some valuable insights that I'm eager to share below. My hope is that by learning from these lessons, you can avoid common pitfalls and increase your chances of success.

Five Tips For Building A Successful Startup Team

When it comes to launching and scaling a startup into a success, no one can do it alone. Success is always the result of a collaborative effort. Even if you possess an in-depth understanding of your business, the truth remains that a single individual cannot accomplish everything. There will always be others with fresh insights and specialized skills who can steer your venture in novel and exciting directions.

How Starting A Business In A Growing Industry Benefit Us?

Starting a business can be an incredibly fulfilling journey, both personally and financially. But with so many industries to choose from, how do you know which one to enter? It's essential to consider your passions and skills, as well as the potential for growth and success. This article will explore the benefits of starting a business in a thriving industry and why it might be a wise decision for aspiring entrepreneurs

Optimal Approaches for Conveying Your Startup's Valuation to Investors and Stakeholders

Figuring out how much your startup is worth is important when you want to get investors and partners interested.

7 Ways to Build A Win-win Relationship With Your Investors

Elon Musk's Inspirational Journey: A Visionary Entrepreneur Expanding Horizons

In the world of business and innovation, there are only a few people as respected and admired as Elon Musk. He's a brilliant entrepreneur who has changed many different industries. He's done things like making electric cars, exploring space, using clean energy, and working with artificial intelligence.

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